Can Google Nest WiFi Handle Gigabit Speeds

Have you bought or thought to buy Google Nest WiFi and want to know whether Google Nest WiFi Can handle the Gigabit Speeds or not? In this article, I will be discussing Google Nest Supports Gigabit Speeds or not.

To simply answer this query, Yes Google Nest WiFi can Handle Gigabit Speeds. Your actual internet speed and performance on Google Nest Wifi will rely on a variety of factors, including the type of routers, kind of connection, internet service provider, WiFi Cards on your receiving devices.

In my opinion, it’s feasible to maximize the internet speed of your Google Nest Wifi by optimizing all of these aspects at the same time. Being on a gigabit plan is worthless if you’re not taking advantage of the higher speeds you’re paying for.

How To Get High Gigabit Internet Speed Using Nest WiFi

To get the maximum internet speed out of your Google Nest WiFi, it is always advisable to use the other devices as well those are capable of providing Gigabit Speed. Else if you think using older devices such as routers or wireless adapters to get the Gigabit speed then you might be wrong.

Using The Latest Router With DOCSIS 3.1 Standards

Using The Latest Router With DOCSIS 3.1 Standards

The key question when it comes to wireless gigabit at home is whether or not your gadgets are capable of supporting it. When I used a Netgear AX80 router as a wireless adaptor, I was able to get gigabit speeds using Nest WiFi. The majority of household appliances are nowhere near as capable. If you have a gigabit service, you will, in all likelihood, receive the biggest benefit from it when using wired desktops and laptops.

Can Google Nest WiFi Handle Gigabit Speeds

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) can be connected to your Nest Wifi to access high-speed internet if you are on a fiber optics plan. If you have cable internet, you may need to get a new modem. The DOCSIS 3.1 standard is a prerequisite for high-speed gigabit internet over coax, so check to see if your present modem complies.

Your Internet service provider’s modem is probably not up to snuff. I recommend the Arris SB8200 modem if you’re in the market for a gigabit-capable modem. Gigabit packages from cable providers will benefit greatly from this.

I have written a really great post on which are the best Wireless Router you can get right now to support Gigabit Speed. Or recommendation is NETGEAR Cable Modem CM1000.

Using the Wired Connection over WiFi

If you have a gigabit service, you will, in all likelihood, receive the biggest benefit from it when using wired desktops and laptops.

The second factor is signal strength. Despite the fact that you can achieve gigabit wireless when there is a clear line of sight between devices, the speed drops to half as soon as you turn a corner. I’m getting 300-400 Mbps on average with newer AX/AC wave 2 devices, even when I have a robust internet connection. My older devices, some of which are three years or older, are closer to under 200.

Can Google Nest WiFi Handle Gigabit Speeds

However, while your connection is less of a bottleneck with gigabit speeds, the Internet does not run at gigabit speeds all of the time, especially not your ISP, and this is even more true these days with more people staying at home.

The only thing you’ll notice with gigabit service is how much more frequently the Internet/ISP slows down with traffic during peak periods. I truly believe that the 200-400 Mbps speed tier is a better value for your money. You should avoid using gigabit-speed unless you are getting a terrific deal.

Using Devices That Supports Gigabit Speed

Before buying the Google Nest WiFi, My Comcast Router was older and after I completed the setup with the Comcast router I found that I was only getting around 300-400Mbps speed.

I tried a lot of things with my existing setup to get the maximum speed and I never reached or exceeded the 400Mpbs speed.

Then I thought of replacing the router with the Latest NetGear Cable modem 1000 that supports DOCSIS 3.1 or higher and also more than 2Gbps speed.

Using Devices That Supports Gigabit Speed

Once I completed the setup with the Latest NetGear modem, I was receiving around 970Mbps speed with Google Nest WiFi.

But this was a Wired connection and on my WiFi devices such as laptops and mobile devices that were old, I was still only getting the maximum speed of 400Mbps on Wireless Connection.

Since you cannot update the WiFi Card on your Mobile you can update the WiFi Card on your Laptop. And hence when I update the WiFi Card with Version 6 2×2. I was able to get the 800Mbps speed on my Laptop as well with Google Nest WiFi with a great range around the house.

Troubleshooting the Slow Internet Speed on Google Nest WiFi

If you are still not getting the best Internet Speed from your Google Nest WiFi even after doing all the changes discussed above then you can troubleshoot the Google Nest for possible issues and then you can rectify them.

In order to get the best Wi-Fi speeds, there are a few factors to consider: what type of device you’re using, how far away from your router or point it is, and what frequency your devices are connected to.

Try one or more of the following steps to increase the speed of your Wi-Fi network:

  • Move the connected device closer to the Wifi router or access point to improve performance.
  • Run a mesh test to ensure that your Wifi hotspots are properly placed. Consider relocating your router or point to a more open or unobstructed area, as well as bringing your routers or points closer together.
  • Restart your network if necessary.
  • Confirm that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing you with proper service by contacting them.

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to get the Gigabit speed using your new Google Nest Setup. I have listed down a lot of reasons and things to need to take care of to get the maximum speed out of your Google Nest WiFi.

Let me know in the comment section if you are still not able to fix or get high internet speed from your Google Nest WiFi. I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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