Does Google Nest WiFi Works With ATT Fiber and ATT Uverse

Have you just bought Google Nest WiFi and want to know if it works with ATT Fiber and ATT Uverse or not? In this article, I will be discussing if it works with ATT Fiber and ATT Uverse or not and how you can do the setup for it.

Despite the fact that AT&T, with its Uverse and Fiber services, is a strong participant in the market for internet service providers, the equipment that the company provides has not always been a hit with its customers.

As a result, an increasing number of consumers are opting to use their own equipment, such as routers and modems, to access the internet.

Google Nest Wifi[1] is an example of such a product. It is a mesh-capable wireless router that can give high-speed internet as well as maximum connectivity with any ISP, including Verizon, Xfinity by Comcast, Century Link, and Spectrum, to name a few.

AT&T Uverse and AT&T Fiber are both compatible with Google Nest Wifi. In order to configure the Google Nest Wifi with AT&T, you must first change the WAN settings on the Google Wifi App from static to DCHP.

Then, in the firewall settings of the AT&T Uverse Gateway, choose the Google Nest Wifi and configure it to operate in DMZplus mode.

Finally, in the LAN configurations of the AT&T Uverse Gateway, change the IP Address Allocation from Private to Public to complete the process.

In order to begin using the internet, you must first reset both the AT&T Uverse Gateway and the Google Nest Wifi.

How To Setup Google Nest WiFi With ATT Internet?

Setting up Google Nest is fairly easy for Google Nest. Since it is compatible with the ATT Internet all you are required is to follow the below guide step by step to get the setup completed.

Does Google Nest WiFi Works With ATT Fiber and ATT Uverse
  • In WAN Settings Page of the Google Nest WiFi, Set it to DHCP: Make sure you have Google WiFi App installed on your phone or visit the website. Then once you login go to the advance networking page in the networking and general section or TAB. Now select WAN settings and make sure DHCP is select if not please select it from static IP and save.
  • Make Sure AT&T Gateway is Connected to the Nest WiFi and Not Other wires are connected: Except for the Google Nest Wifi router, disconnect any wired connections from your AT&T Gateway router’s LAN ports. This will save you time when setting up the gadget.
  • Get Logged Into your AT&T Router: Enter the IP address into the address bar in your Chrome Browser or any other Browser. Your Gateway login portal will be accessed by clicking on this link. Check your router for the login credentials you used to log in.
  • In your AT&T Router Gateway Change the DHCP Pool: Make sure to navitage to the settings page and then select LAN and then DCHP. To use the DCHP Network instead, change the IP address range from 192.168 to Your AT&T Gateway and Google Nest Wifi will be able to communicate without any IP address conflict. Change the IP address of your AT&T Gateway by following these instructions. Please visit in order to log into your AT&T Gateway in the future.
  • Now Login to New IP Address Make sure you log in to your AT&T Gateway using the new IP address after your Wi-Fi service has been restarted.
  • Enable DMZplus For Google Nest WiFi: Most ISPs allow you to use your own equipment via bridge mode. However, AT&T offers a similar service called DMZplus for Pace Gateway. Navigate to Settings and then to Firewall and then to Applications and then select DMZ. Choose your Google Nest Wifi from the list of connected devices. That should be the only wired connection accessible now. If you can’t find it, try the next button to see if the list goes on. Scroll down and click the option “Allow all applications (DMZ+ mode)”. Save your changes. Enable IP passthrough in the Arris BGW firewall settings. Reply with your gateway’s device code. Then, under DHCP fixed, pick Google Nest Wifi and save.
  • Make sure that IP Address Alocation for your Google Nest WiFi is Public: To access the internet, you must set Google Nest Wifi’s IP address allocation to public. Go to Settings and then select LAN and then select IP Allocation. Change the IP address assignment from private to public in the Google Nest Wifi Settings box if it is not already public. This setting may have changed automatically, but make sure it is still checked and saves all the settings.
  • Restart All the Router and Nest WiFi Devices: After a reboot, the devices will be able to correctly identify the IP addresses of each other.
Does Google Nest WiFi Works With ATT Fiber and ATT Uverse

How To Get Decent Speed On ATT Fiber With Google Mesh WiFi?

If you are not getting better internet Speed while using your Google Nest WiFi then there can be an issue with the setup of your Mesh device. And since AT&T does not support Google Mesh officially in that case they recommend using the AT&T owns WiFi Extenders.

If you are not able to get a good internet speed then you may consider replacing your Mesh setup with the AT&T WiFi Extenders that provides the below features.

  • Seamless Conectivity: Increase the coverage of your home Wi-Fi network and decrease signal weak spots and dead zones. When used in conjunction with the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender, cutting-edge mesh technology is used to increase your home Wi-Fi coverage and cover areas with a weak Wi-Fi signal.
  • Fast WiFi: Because of mesh technology, the Smart Extender automatically finds the best and quickest available connection for each of your in-home devices, allowing you to stream music and films on more devices from more locations than ever before. And, thanks to its straightforward setup, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running.

Wrap UP

It is fairly simple to set up your Google Nest Wifi with AT&T if you follow all of the directions carefully as listed above.

While this article is designed to work with the Google Nest Wifi, it can also be used with other routers, however, the steps may alter slightly.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any issues still, I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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