What is Wireless Isolation And When To Use?

Are you looking for an answer to know what is Wireless Isolation or AP or Client Isolation is? To make it short wireless isolation is also called AP or Client Isolation most of the time. Let me tell you what are these are how you can use them.

What is Wireless Isolation?

Wireless Isolation is also known as AP (Access Point) or Client Isolation, as it is a setting in your wireless router. So basically when you enable the wireless isolation on your wireless router, then it restricts the devices which are connected wirelessly to your wireless router to communicate with the wired connected devices.

It also restricts or provides a firewall type feature to restrict wirelessly connected devices on your router to communicate with each other. This is called isolating the device which is termed as “Isolation”. Which means keeping the connected device in isolation.

Wireless isolation is the prevention of data being passed from a system or network to the wider world via wireless data. In its simplest form, it means disabling wireless adaptors on the system(s) to be protected. If greater protection is needed a system can be shielded such that it doesn’t emit detectable electromagnetic radiation (Tempest standards).

What is Wireless Isolation, AP, and Client Isolation and When To Use It

A network of computers can be placed in a windowless room(s) with grounded metal mesh in the walls, ceilings, and floor. When possible, an “air space” is employed where unauthorized personnel and vehicles are not allowed close to the facility.

AP here refers to Access Point. Hence AP Isolation is the access point in a network that provides the access to the internet and the network. Now limiting this access point to only provide internet connection and no access to the network let you achieve the Access Point Isolation or Wireless Isolation.

Note that here devices are referred to as any devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet, computers, or cameras that are able to connect to the wireless network.

Why and When Wireless Isolation is Used?

Once you enable this feature on your router. This can be used as a security measure. Which does not allow anyone connected over the same network to explore the other connected devices without having a secure connection established.

These security measures are very useful to the business who have the same network divided in a different group. For example, in your company, you have a secured Wi-Fi network for your employees but you also have a guest WiFi Network so that any visitor can connect to your network.

Now being in business, you would never want your devices connected over unsecured guest Wi-Fi to see what all devices are connected over the network. Hence in this case isolating the guest Wi-Fi devices are a very useful and widely used security measure used by most businesses.

Therefore without wireless isolation or AP isolation or client isolation, anyone on the wireless network on a particular Wi-Fi connection would have full access to the computers and other resources connected over the same network. Making the whole network vulnerable and prone to hack.

Hence now in all the latest Wireless Routers and Adapters, you will get the option to enable the isolation feature. In some routers, it may be called AP Isolation or in some, it may be called client Isolation.

If you want to check that whether your router supports the isolation feature then you can take the look at the product manual or you can connect with customer support to understand if the feature is made available.


To conclude, if you want to have a private and public network using the same routers then to get yourself secured from the user connected over an unsecured guest wireless connection to not see the connected network devices.

For this, you need to enable the access point isolation or client isolation whichever is present on your router settings. It’s always advisable to do so as it may prevent a big hacker attack on your company.

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