Is 123movies safe for Streaming? Is it illegal

123Movies was once one of the most popular sites for watching movies and television shows online. The site was also known as “GoMovies,” “GoStream,” “MeMovies,” and “123movieshub.”

The official 123Movies website was shut down in March 2018, but copies of the site can still be seen on online mirrors. Despite this, Google Trends reveals that it is still a popular search phrase, indicating that these streaming services are still in high demand.

Is 123movies safe for Streaming Is it illegal

However, law enforcement organizations from all over the world have been keeping a watchful check on any site or service that allows consumers to view copyrighted content without having to pay for it.

This begs the question: are you authorized to stream 123Movies movies and shows? What precautions do people take when watching movies on 123Movies? And what are the viable alternatives?

Is it legal to Watch Movies on 123Movies? or Illegal

The answer to this issue is that, in most circumstances, using it is undoubtedly unlawful. We say most likely since each country and region has its own policy on copyrighted content piracy.

Most countries aim to protect intellectual property by prohibiting copyrighted information from being downloaded (and so streamed). Some countries, on the other hand, authorize it for personal use or altogether.

Is it legal to Watch Movies on 123Movies? or Illegal

Because each country’s laws on copyright infringement and piracy are different, you should always check your country’s laws before visiting a site like 123Movies, Popcorn Time, PrimeWire, or Putlocker.

These are some of the general views on piracy that we were able to find:

Pirating is legal or allowed (for personal use) Poland, Spain, Switzerland
Pirating is illegal Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, United States
Pirating is illegal, but individuals are not actively prosecuted Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay

It’s worth noting that there’s absolutely no difference between downloading and streaming copyrighted content. When you stream something, it means you download it and watch it in real-time, only for it to be erased from your cache when you leave a page.

You have, however, downloaded the movie or show. Streaming is similar to downloading a torrent, watching it right away, and then deleting it after you’re done.

How to Watch 123Movies safely without revealing Identity?

We cannot condone the usage of 123Movies in certain countries because it is prohibited in certain countries. However, there are many nations where you can utilize such a streaming service (even if it’s only for personal use).

If you use a 123Movies mirror in a country where it is legal, you must safeguard yourself from prying eyes, viruses, and rogue website hosts.

To safeguard your data and device, you should use antivirus software and a VPN. Surfshark is a popular VPN these days. All of your online and streaming activity will be hidden from your internet service provider and government if you use a VPN like Surfshark.

How to Watch 123Movies safely without revealing Identity?

Using antivirus software and a VPN will keep you safe from malware and snooping website administrators. Still, we want to be clear that protected content can only be downloaded and viewed in a few countries.

Even though a VPN will keep you anonymous and protect you from being caught when utilizing streaming sites like 123Movies, you need still to follow local laws. If you’re not sure what the rules are, seek advice from a local expert.

Ways to Access 123Movies

The use of 123Movies is not permitted in all jurisdictions. It is, nonetheless, allowed in some areas. Even yet, folks in these areas must take the appropriate precautions to remain secure when using sites like 123Movies, and here’s how they do it:

They use a VPN (such as Surfshark) as well as good antivirus software (such as Kaspersky).
They use a proper 123Movies-mirror or Google the term “123Movies Mirror” to find one;

Ways to Access 123Movies

Since Google does not support pirated websites most of the time, hence you may not see the mirror domains of these websites. You can only get the information related to the mirror of 123Movies is by visiting the same website.

And that’s how people (in countries where it’s legal) get access to 123Movies.

Can you be caught watching Movies on 123Movies?

Not only do different nations have distinct streaming rules, but they also have varying repercussions for disobeying those rules.

When the authorities discover you are downloading copyrighted content in Germany, for example, you will be penalized heavily, whereas in other countries you may only receive a warning.

It’s much more difficult to prosecute with streaming sites like 123Movies because there are no files left on someone’s computer after watching a broadcast, despite the fact that your IP address may readily be identified.

Can you be caught watching Movies on 123Movies?

Not all governments actively prosecute persons who utilize unlawful streaming services in order to enforce the rules. Rather than going after individual viewers, authorities frequently go after the persons who distribute the content.

However, if you live in a nation where copyright infringement is strictly enforced, you may receive a big fee in the mail. And this can be rather costly. Check to visit our post on downloading fines to learn more about these types of penalties.

How Dangerous can be using 123Movies for Streaming?

Very Dangerous, watching any movies either by downloading them or streaming them online from the platform where those contents are not copyrighted is illegal.

We’ve already talked about whether you’re authorized to watch stuff on sites like 123Movies. Apart from the potential fines, we haven’t discussed any potential safety issues associated with using such a site.

It’s difficult to give a straightforward yes or no answer to the question “is it safe?” when it comes to a site like 123Movies. This is determined by a number of criteria, the majority of which are under the control of the website’s host.

 How Dangerous can be using 123Movies for Streaming?

Because 123Movies’ original website is no longer available, the only way to access its database is through replicas of the website, popularly known as mirrors.

These are hosted and controlled by a third party who was not involved in the creation of the original 123Movies website. This implies that there is no quality control in place. The owner of a copy has the ability to infect the site with malware or track some of your information.

Because there are so many copies, it’s impossible to verify if all of them are safe. To be honest, some of the mirrors are safe, but others aren’t. The only way to ensure your safety is to use a VPN and antivirus software or to avoid using 123Movies altogether.


123Movies has been operating for a long time and has proven to be highly popular among movie fans who wish to watch movies online.

However, it is possible that watching 123Movies is banned in your own country. We’ve provided some (legal) alternatives for those countries. The following are the main points from the article:

Streaming on 123Movies is most likely illegal in your country. If the authorities discover you are watching copyrighted content, your country’s resources will determine whether or not you will be prosecuted.

The official 123Movies website was shut down in March 2018, with a message on the homepage urging users to “honor filmmakers by paying for movies and TV series.”

This means that after 2018, every site will be a duplicate of the original website hosted by someone else. Paid services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime are popular legal alternatives to 123Movies.

For those who are interested, 123movies can be found here. But before you do, please read the next paragraph.

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