Xfinity Box Is Stuck On PST – Quick Fix

Since being an Old school I still own an Xfinity cable connection in my house. I still like to swap around the channels to see what should I watch randomly instead of deciding early as an online viewer.

Even though most of the members of my household had switched to streaming content online.

One morning, when I turned on the box, it went through the usual startup sequence but then froze at a point where the display read “PSt,” an abbreviation for which I was completely unfamiliar.

With some unexpected free time on my hands, I went online to investigate the cause of and solution to this error message.

I read through some threads on the Xfinity user forums and did some research into the cable box’s manuals and other documentation to learn how it operated and how to troubleshoot it.

I spent a few hours reading and then a little more time online looking up information, and then I got to work on the cable box and had it working again in under an hour.

This article summarises my research into what does and does not work so that you can fix the box in a jiffy.

If your Xfinity box is frozen on the PSt, check the cables leading to it to see if they are plugged in correctly. If the cables appear to be in good shape, you can try rebooting the device.

Keep reading to learn how to reset your cable box and why it may have encountered an issue that caused PSt to appear on the box’s screen.

First, Double-Check the Cables

A PSt error message upon powering on the box indicates that the device is not receiving a cable signal.

Incorrect connection or wear and tear on the box’s cables can cause this problem. Hire an expert to assist you in replacing the cables.

First, Double-Check the Cables

If you can find someone more knowledgeable to do it, do so. You won’t have to worry about the specifics of their system or how to acquire the necessary cables.

Turn on the cable box after checking the cables and replacing them if necessary to see if it now displays PSt.

Find Out If There Are Any Problems With The Service

Even if you have brand-new equipment, a cable network outage could be the culprit if you are unable to receive Xfinity programming.

Here, your only option is to call Xfinity and ask if there is an outage; if there is, the company will give you an estimate of how long it will take to fix.

If you haven’t checked the box in a while, check back to see if the problem has been resolved. Contact Xfinity again if the outage lasts longer than an hour.

Force the Xfinity Box to reboot.

If the box isn’t registering a signal even though the cable connection is active and the cables themselves are fine, the problem may lie with the box itself.

This could occur if a bug or other problem with the box has been encountered.

The good news is that most bugs can be easily fixed by simply restarting the cable box.

Thus, to achieve this:

  1. A cable box must be turned off.
  2. The cable box must be disconnected from the wall.
  3. Keep the cable box unplugged for at least half a minute to half a minute before plugging it back in.
  4. Restart the box by turning the power back on.

If PSt reappears when the box reboots, try powering it down and restarting once more. If it continues to behave in the same manner, move on to the next method.

Please Reset Your Device

If the problem persists after a restart, you may need to perform a factory reset on your Xfinity box. This is especially true for the worst of the bugs, which may not be resolved by a restart.

Xfinity cable box reset procedure:

  1. The reset button is located on the underside of the box’s lid. Label it “Reset” or something similar.
  2. Keep the button depressed for at least thirty seconds.
  3. The set-top box will restart and go through its factory default settings reset procedure.

Check if PSt returns to the box after the reset is finished and the box is turned on.

Get in touch with Xfinity Customer Service

If your Xfinity cable box is still broken after trying the solutions I’ve outlined above, please give Xfinity a call.

Xfinity Customer Service

If you’ve exhausted all other options, calling Xfinity’s customer support to request a replacement box is your next best bet.

Before they order a new one, they’ll walk you through their own troubleshooting steps in case those work. In that case, you should get in touch with them if nothing else does.

Summary and Conclusions

To get the most out of your TV+Internet package, double-check that the Xfinity box and your internet service are properly connected.

Also, make sure your box is always running the most recent software version to avoid this very problem in the future.

Contact Xfinity and they will arrange to have your equipment upgraded at no cost whenever a new Xfinity TV box is released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the reset button on the Xfinity cable box?

Most Xfinity cable boxes have a reset button on the back of the device. There should be a hidden button marked “reset” that you have to press and hold.

Why is my Xfinity box stuck on the boot?

Having trouble getting your Xfinity set-top box to move past the boot screen usually indicates a problem occurred during the initialization process.

If restarting your Xfinity box doesn’t seem to have any effect, try contacting Xfinity support.

Should my Xfinity cable box be turned off?

You can access the Xfinity cable box’s power-saving settings by pressing the Settings button.

Turn off your TV, as leaving the screen on for extended periods of time can significantly drain the battery.