Can I Watch The MLB Network On DIRECTV: Quick Guide

The Red Sox channel was a major consideration for me when deciding whether or not to try to upgrade to a DIRECTV subscription. I wanted the channel on my new cable TV connection, so I looked it up online to see if it was available. And I had the question Can I watch The MLB Network on DirecTV?

When I went through several DIRECTV forum posts discussing channel packages, I looked at the channel packages they offered. Eventually, after many hours of research, I had enough information to proceed with the upgrade and get my new cable TV connection.

This research helped me create this article, and I hope that by the time you’ve finished it, you’ll have a firm grasp on how DIRECTV organizes its channel plans and which channels are included.

DIRECTV customers can access the MLB Network on channel 213. The channel is also available for viewing via live streaming on the internet. Find out how to get MLB Network on DIRECTV and where you can watch it live online.

Is The MLB Network On DIRECTV?

Even though there are a number of other networks that broadcast MLB games, the MLB Network is the only place to catch a live game or get an in-depth look at previous and upcoming games.

The MLB Network is a premium channel because it doesn’t fit into any other category, and its availability reflects that. The MLB Network can only be accessed through channel packages that include the second tier or higher.

Can I Watch The MLB Network On DIRECTV

For the first year, you’ll pay $70 + tax per month for the Choice package, which rises to $130 per month after that. Make sure to check your last bill or contact DIRECTV to find out what your channel package is and whether or not you already have the MLB Network.

If this is the case, contact DIRECTV customer service and request an upgrade to a package that includes MLB Network.

What Channel Is MLB On?

In order to watch the MLB Network, you’ll need to know which channel it’s on after double-checking your subscription or signing up for a plan with it.

Watch the MLB Network on DIRECTV by switching to channel 213 on any of the channel packages that DIRECTV offers.

What Channel Is MLB On

After that, you can save the channel as a favorite so that you can easily access it at a later time. Not only will this save you time when you want to watch MLB Network, but you won’t have to remember what channel it was on anymore.

If you want to see a different picture quality, you can toggle between SD and HD on the channel’s information panel.

How To Stream The MLB Network?

You can watch MLB Network on your computer or mobile device for free using one of two methods. DIRECTV customers can access the MLB Network by downloading the MLB app or by visiting the MLB Network website and logging in with their DIRECTV credentials.

That means you’ll be able to watch a wide variety of original content, both live and pre-recorded. The second option is to use the DIRECTV Stream app, which is the cable TV service’s streaming component.

To use the app, you’ll need to sign in with your DIRECTV account, which you can do on most smart platforms. Once your DIRECTV subscription expires, you can continue to use the Stream app.

Sling TV and YouTube TV can also be used to watch the channel, but you’ll have to pay for them separately from your cable subscription.

What You Can Watch On MLB Network?

Any and all content pertaining to baseball, both live and recorded, as well as analysis of previous games, can be found on the MLB Network, which serves as the central hub for the sport.

If you want to know when these shows will be broadcast, you should check the channel’s schedule because they typically air every day and before the games on the weekends.

Put a reminder in your calendar for the shows that you enjoy watching so that you won’t miss them when they air.

Alternative To MLB Channel

Due to the fact that it is an MLB channel, the MLB Network does not cover any other sports, despite the fact that it is the best place to watch anything related to baseball.

There are quite a few other networks that cover a wide variety of sports, some of which you probably haven’t even seen before. Among these networks, some of the sports coverage may even be new to you.

The following are some of the other options available to you besides the MLB Network:

  • NBA TV
  • Fox Sports 1 and 2, in addition to other channels.
  • BSSN, or the CBS Sports Network

These channels are available on DIRECTV’s various package options and can be found throughout the company’s channel lineups. If it appears that you do not have these channels, the DIRECTV customer support team can help you add them.

Wrap Up

Most TV providers offer the MLB Network as a more expensive premium channel because it focuses solely on one sport.

Online TV streaming services like Sling or YouTube TV do not require you to have a cable connection to watch any channels, so you can save money by signing up for one of these services.

In addition, you will be able to watch your channels on your mobile devices, making it a great alternative to cable for those who are constantly on the go.

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