Stop ADT Alarm From Beeping (Low Battery) – Quick Fix

In this article, you will learn how to stop ADT alarm from Beeping when it is having a low battery. You can hear your ADT alarm constantly giving a loud beep after every few seconds. This can be annoying and you may not quickly change the batteries to overcome this problem.

An alarm system from ADT[1] can be set to beep as an alert for a variety of reasons, including fire, burglary, and medical emergencies. For new users, navigating and troubleshooting ADT alarm systems can be challenging, despite the fact that they are beneficial.

Pressing the “OFF” or “#” buttons on your keypad will stop the low battery beeping of an ADT Alarm System. It is possible to mute your alarm by pushing any of these buttons depending on the model of your alarm system.

How to Replace your Alarm System Battery

The user’s manual is a good place to start if this doesn’t work. On Battery Identification Page you may find out what kind of battery is needed for your system or peripheral device.

Once you have switched OFF the ADT alarm from beeping because of the low battery. You may need to make sure that you change the battery as soon as possible to keep you safe. As any reluctance in changing the battery of the ADT alarm and switching it OFF can become a danger for you.

How To Stop ADT Alarm From Beeping

As already discussed and told above to stop the ADT alarm from beeping you can follow the below steps Your ADT Alarm System will beep if the battery is low or dead. This is to alert you to the fact that the battery’s life is limited and can cause it to malfunction. Because it warns you, the beeping is actually a good thing.

And you need to ensure that you only turn off the beeping for a very short period of time like a day or two. And not changing the battery for more than two days can be a dangerous step to take.

Simply press the [OFF] or [#] buttons on the keypad to silence your ADT Alarm System and put an end to the beeping. A low or dead battery in the control panel is the likely cause of your ADT Alarm’s beeping. Wait for the power to be restored after recharging or replacing the battery.

Stop ADT Alarm From Beeping

Once performed the above step you will no longer hear the beep sign that warns you that the ADT alarm is having a low battery. Depending on the cause of your battery’s low voltage, you may need to make additional adjustments in order to resolve the problem.

Reason For Low Battery and How To Recharge It

As you know any device that is running on the Battery cannot guarantee a lifetime run on a single battery. You will require to either recharge or change the batteries installed in the ADT alarm system over time.

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The only two reasons that you are hearing your ADT alarm is beeping and indicating to you that it has a low battery is:

  1. Your ADT alarm battery required to be recharged and reinstalled.
  2. Your ADT alarm battery is dead and new batteries are required to be swapped out.

Recharging The ADT Alarm Battery

Your battery may only require a simple recharge from time to time. The majority of the time, this is caused by an external factor, such as a power outage. When something like this happens, your ADT Alarm System will begin to rely on the backup battery to keep it operational.

The beeping will simply begin to alert you that the backup battery is now being used in place of the original battery, and will continue until you turn off the computer. To recharge the batteries follow the below steps.

  • The ADT alarm control panel (which is usually located in the utility room or basement) should be located.
  • To turn off the beeping on your ADT system, press the [OFF] or [#] buttons on the keypad.
  • Make use of a screwdriver to gain access to the control panel.
  • Disconnect the battery from the ADT circuit board using the battery connector.
  • Recharge the battery and reconnect it to the circuit board as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that low battery notification has been eliminated.
  • It is necessary to restore power. Because the system will need to be recharged and because it typically takes 48 hours for the panel to recognize a battery change, this may not be an immediate solution.

Upon following the above steps your low battery notifications and beeping should go away. And if in any case, you are still getting any other problem or if the problem persists then you should contact ADT customer support.

Replacing the Batteries of ADT Alarm

If your ADT Alarm System is beeping at random and you haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, it’s probably time for a battery change. As it turns out, replacing the ADT battery is a simple process.

To replace your Battery for your ADT alarm system follow the below steps:

  • By tapping the OFF or # key on the keypad, you may turn off the beeping.
  • To access your MyADT account, log in using either a mobile device or a computer.
  • Once logged in, select “Place System on Test”.
  • Now make sure you disconnec the ADT alarm using the scredriver.
  • Replace the Batteries with the new one you have bought.
  • Screw back the ADT alarm and Check the Low Battery notification has been switched off.
  • Power must be brought back on. After recharging, the system must be recognized by the panel, which typically takes 48 hours to identify a battery replacement.

Wrap Up

It will beep when the battery is low, as stated earlier in this article. This is done to alert you to quickly replace your device’s batteries. And hope you were able to understand how to switch the batteries and how to recharge them if required.

The battery on your safety system should be fully charged, just like your remote control or other electronic devices. Batteries should be replaced in a couple of years, depending on the type. Not only will you reduce the likelihood of your alarm going off, but you will also be more effective at protecting your home as a result of your actions.

Let me know in the comment section if you think I have missed something or I need to answer some more questions I will be happy to help you.

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