Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad And Slow Suddenly?

If you have been a Spectrum customer and thinking Why is Spectrum internet so bad and slow? Then you are in right place.

I have been using Spectrum internet for a few years now. But last week when I was with my friends at my home to stream the current Soccer match on my 4K TV, Spectrum internet wasn’t able to stream in 4K rather it was only streaming in 1080p.

I started thinking why is Spectrum Internet so bad and slow suddenly since they have been pretty good lately.

I searched over the internet and forum to find the root cause and I came up with the tutorials you can use to boost your internet speed on Spectrum.

Spectrum Internet service has a bad reputation because it has limited bandwidth for its clients to use. It slows down the overall network causing people who use it to cry out angrily at low speeds. They are also not known for providing good customer service.

If you want to learn more about why Spectrum has a poor reputation among internet service providers, read on.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad?

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad And Slow Suddenly?

Spectrum isn’t the worst internet service out there, but it does have trouble attracting new customers occasionally. While this is true for the vast majority of internet service providers, Spectrum is not the norm. The most common complaints about Spectrum’s service are as follows:

  • Slow download and upload speeds
  • Management of the brand is difficult to understand.
  • recurring issues with billing, such as bills that are significantly higher than anticipated
  • Internet speeds that are significantly slower than what you are paying for
  • Poor support for customers and terrible service.

Keep reading to find out how these issues cause people to be upset with their service from Spectrum, as well as things you can do if you don’t have many other options in your area.

Upload Speed Is Very Low

Upload Speed Is Very Low

Spectrum, like most ISPs, has fast download speeds but slow upload times. When using these speeds, users report waiting hours for their files to upload to the web.

It’s possible that this is an exaggeration, but their upload speeds really are that slow. It might not be an issue for you if you’re not uploading anything.

Confusion in Branding

Spectrum also has the issue of another ISP with a confusingly similar name. Charter Spectrum Internet is offered by a different company than Spectrum.

Also, they offer services to customers, not all of whom have glowing opinions of the company’s products. They might accidentally write a negative review of Spectrum if they aren’t careful.

Issues with Billing

Users frequently complain about billing issues they say Spectrum has failed to resolve. The internet connection may randomly slow down or the monthly charge may increase for no apparent reason, all with the excuse that the bill has not been paid. The lack of care shown to the customer in this way is unacceptable.

Speeds Aren’t Fast Enough

Spectrum offers its customers a choice between three distinct download speeds. The speeds range from 200 Mbps all the way up to 1200 Mbps.

There is little reason to switch providers since most customers can find equivalent speeds elsewhere. The quantity of data transfer allowed per second is one key distinction between the two.

Spectrum is in short supply, making it likely that you will not obtain the high download speeds for which you are paying.

This frustrates many customers because they believe they should receive the promised download speeds. By upholding these methods under their acceptable use policy, Spectrum effectively ends the debate.

Customer Service Does Not Provide Any Help

One of the most common issues raised by Spectrum customers is a lack of assistance when they need it.

Users who call in often get unhelpful responses from employees who aren’t trained to handle their problems.

Usually, this is extremely frustrating, and some previous Spectrum users have given the service low ratings due to this issue alone.

Making a Fresh Start

Unfortunately, not everyone can pick and choose their preferred residential internet service provider. There could be a lack of wiring in their area, or perhaps there are restrictions imposed by the government. If this happens, don’t fret: there are ways to make using Spectrum more pleasant. If you have Spectrum Internet, you can improve it a little bit by following these suggestions:

  1. Purchase a router of your own: If your home’s WiFi connection is weak, consider upgrading to a higher-quality router. The routers that are supported by Spectrum’s Internet service provider can be viewed on their website.
  2. Get a modem of your own: Another great way to improve internet reliability and lessen Spectrum frustrations is to upgrade your modem. Investing in a high-quality modem will result in faster speeds at home.
  3. Equipment should be set up in a clear, well-lit area: This will increase the output of internet service and decrease slowdowns. It will also help strengthen the overall signal by providing the best connection. If you have a larger home, consider creating a mesh network.
  4. Reduce your bandwidth usage: In Spectrum’s settings, you can decrease your bandwidth if you don’t need it, or increase it if you think you might need it. The default value for this bandwidth is 20 MHz, which is relatively slow. Raise the frequency to 40 MHz and your connections should improve.

While these simple guidelines won’t guarantee you’ll never experience a service interruption again, they should help. These expenditures may appear high at first, but they are investments that will eventually yield a profit.

In General, Spectrum Isn’t Terrible

Spectrum is actually quite decent, both financially and in terms of coverage area. In fact, it was rated as the fifth best internet service provider in the United States by US News.

When put in context with the fact that the United States is home to more than a thousand different ISPs, that’s not too bad.

Do not judge a company too harshly based on the actions of a few disgruntled employees. It’s better to give them a try and see if they work for you in person.

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