Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light – Quick Fix

I have been using Samsung TV for a long time and recently after coming from the office I tried to open my TV but my Samsung TV not switching on.

I tried to diagnose the TV myself before contacting Samsung Customer Service. And tried to get the issue fixed on my own.

A broken HDMI cable, a faulty TV remote, a low voltage, or even the power board itself can cause your Samsung TV to not turn on.

If your Samsung TV won’t turn on and doesn’t have a red light, check the power outlet first. Then check your TV’s sleep/standby mode to see if it’s the source of the problem.

I will also outline methods to open your TV, such as checking the relay and IR transmitters and checking for voltage fluctuations.

Make Sure That Your TV Is Not In Sleep or Stanby Mode or Has a Black Screen Issue

It’s possible that your Samsung TV went into sleep mode if it’s on and blanks. The system menu has an option to disable sleep.

Then check your Eco Solution Settings to see if ‘No Signal Power Off’ is enabled or disabled.

A faulty logic board or a dead LCD or LED panel can also result in a blank screen. In this case, please contact your local Samsung service center.

Make Sure Power Outlet Is Working Properly Else Replace It

In some cases, the most difficult problems have the simplest solutions, despite their apparent complexity. Using a different power source, disconnect the power cable from the current outlet. If your TV is working, then the problem is most likely with the power outlet.

Inspect the Power Cable

Consider checking to see if the power cable is damaged if your Samsung TV is plugged in and not turning on. You can see if it works by using a similar cable that you may have lying around the house.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

Additionally, you can check the condition of your cable by using the multimeter. Another quick check will be to see if the TV’s connector pins have been damaged, which can prevent the circuit from being completed.

Unplug Your TV’s Power Cable And Reconnect It

In some cases, power interruptions caused by your cable or TV can prevent your cable from transmitting power to your television.

Simple solutions include turning off the power, unplugging all of the power cords, and then plugging the TV’s power cord back in.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

This will allow your cable and television to draw any remaining current from each other. Reconnect your TV to the wall and see if that fixes the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to try resetting your Samsung television instead.

No Media Devices Are Connected To TV That Can Power It Up

A situation very much like the previous example. Due to power interruptions caused by your other media devices, such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players, you may still be unable to use your devices. Turn the device on and see if it works after unplugging everything from your TV and re-connecting it.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

Verify The Relay

You may also have a problem with your power supply or board. You can examine the relay yourself if you’re comfortable working with electronics, by removing the TV’s backplate.

Relays in modern devices are often equipped with LEDs to indicate whether or not they are working properly.

The relay can be removed and visually inspected for damage such as the melting of the copper connectors if your device does not have an LED.

Check The IR Receiver and Transmitter

Another option is to check the IR receiver and transmitter. You can use your smartphone to see if the IR transmitter is working.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

To use the IR transmitter on your TV remote, open your camera app and point the camera at it. If you see a light flash or blink on your phone’s camera app when you press one of the buttons, your IR transmitter is working properly.

A problem with the TV’s IR receiver may be to blame if your IR transmitter is working but you can’t use it to control it.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Fluctuating Voltage

Be on the lookout for power-hungry equipment in your home, as this can cause power outages in other appliances. Having loose or incorrectly connected cables can also cause voltage fluctuations.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

A Dynamic Voltage Stabilizer is a simple but effective solution for destabilizing your current flow caused by large equipment or other large devices.

Either go to your local hardware or appliance store or place an online order to get your hands on one. Before making an online purchase, be sure to check your system requirements.

Contact Customer Support Of Samsung TV

If none of the above steps work, the only option left is to contact Samsung Customer Support and have a technician guide you through the repairs, pick it up for repairs, or replace it under warranty.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light

If you bought your TV from a store, you can contact the after-sales team to arrange a repair or replacement. Local authorized repair shops are another option.

However, they should be cautious as some “authorized” repair shops may repair your device with inferior parts, voiding your warranty.

Wrap Up

If you are confident in your abilities and understand electronics, you can repair your device with more complex methods and tools. Also, the issue you’re having could be related to something else on the device, like a damaged logic board or burned-out internal wiring.

If you have a major problem with your TV, you should contact Samsung’s support team for assistance. Also, let me know in the comment section if you were able to fix your TV using the above methods or not.

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