How To Reset Nest Thermostat Without Pin or App

In this article, you will learn how to reset Nest Thermostat Without Pin Or App. Yes, you can reset the Nest Thermostat Manually without Pin or App. But to do so you will be required to follow a proper step-by-step guide to reset it.

Even if your Nest thermostat is slow or can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you can restart or reset it to its factory settings to get it to work again.

Because it keeps your settings, restarting it is the better choice, but it may still be necessary to do a factory reset to get it back to how it was. The first thing you should do is restart the computer. If that doesn’t work, you can try to reset it.

I have been using the Nest Thermostat for more than a year now and recently I found some glitch on my Nest Thermostat. I went online to search how to reset it but I did not get any concrete result to reset without a pin or app.

Finally, I found myself the way to reset it manually and if you are not having the Nest Reset pin or app access and you still want to do the factory reset of your Google Nest then you should follow the below steps.

But you will require at least a reset pin or access to the Nest app if your Nest Thermostat is set to lock state.

How To Reset The Nest Thermostat Without Pin

In order to reset the Nest Thermostat[1] without a pin, you will need to unlock the thermostat first from the setting options.

To unlock it follow the below steps:

  • Open the Nest App then select Settings Option on top right of the screen.
  • Now Select the Unlock Option on the screen.

This will unlock the settings option on the Nest Thermostat and you can follow the below steps now to reset it.

  • To access the main menu, select the Nest Thermostat unit.
  • The ‘Settings’ option is located at the bottom of the screen; select it and then click on the ‘Reset’ option to the right.
  • To factory reset your Nest Thermostat, go to the ‘All Settings’ menu at the bottom of the screen and select that option.
How To Reset Nest Thermostat  Without Pin or App

You can re-add the device to your account by going through the setup process as you would with any other new device. Now your Nest Thermostat should be factory reset and would have been restarted.

How To Reset The Nest Thermostat Without App

If you are having a Nest Thermostat installed and you have not been using the application for it and nor you have set the lock on your Nest Thermostat using the Nest Application then you can easily reset it using the onscreen instructions on the Thermostat itself.

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Note that Resetting your Thermostat will erase all your schedules and other data on the Nest Thermostat. So, if you want to maintain those settings you will require to write those somewhere and then apply them again once the reset is finished.

  • Press Menu Button on your Nest Thermostat.
  • From Menu Select Settings page and then navigate to settings menu.
  • From Settings Menu scroll down and then select the Factoy Reset button.
  • Press Confirm and Factory Reset will start.

Once the factory reset is completed your Nest Thermostat will restart and it will be like the new device just installed as fresh.

Difference Between Reset and Restart of Nest Thermostat

When it comes to restarting and resetting, several people are confused. This is an example of two different actions that you can perform with your Nest thermostat. Make sure you understand what each setting does before making a change to avoid accidentally wiping out all of your Nest’s data without realizing it.

The following is a list of the distinctions between resetting and restarting:
Reset: This function will clear all data in a specific area of your Nest thermostat, or it will clear all data collected by your Nest thermostat up to this point in time.
Restart: No data will be lost, erased, or forgotten if you restart your Nest thermostat. To make it run faster or reconnect more easily, it will simply turn off and restart the computer once more.

The use of these two terms synonymously can cause confusion. That’s not the case with the Nest thermostat, which makes it easy to distinguish between the two options.

Wrap Up

When you reset your Nest Thermostat, all of the data stored on it will be erased, and there is no way to recover it. As a result, you should exercise caution when diagnosing problems with your device and only do a reset if absolutely required.

In the majority of cases, a simple reboot will resolve your issue. When it comes down to it, the reset procedure is really basic and uncomplicated, and it is the same regardless of which type of Nest Thermostat you are using.

Additionally, your thermostat includes many reset options, allowing you to selectively wipe particular data that you want to update rather than the entire device, making the Nest Thermostat a fantastic addition to your home thanks to its versatility.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can still simply unlock your Nest Thermostat by logging into the Nest App with the account that’s been linked to your Nest Thermostat. After that, you can proceed to Reset your Nest Thermostat as you normally would.

Let me know if you were able to reset your Nest Thermostat or not. Also, feel free to provide any suggestions you have I will be happy to help you.

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