How To Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One

I use the Firestick on a daily basis, and I usually travel with it wherever I go because I can just plug it into the TV in the hotel, and then I can watch my favorite shows.

During one of my vacations, I brought my firestick but forgot to bring the remote. After conducting extensive research, I discovered that in order to connect a new firestick remote, you must first unpair the old one and then pair the new one.

I purchased the new pair, and if you haven’t already done so, you can do so now.

To pair the new remote without the old one, unpair the old one from the paired devices list on the firestick and then pair the new one. Either the paired TV remote or the Fire Stick App can be used for this.

How To Pair the New Remote Using The Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Using the Amazon Fire TV Remote App, you can pair a new replacement remote with your FireStick if you don’t have access to your device’s settings in order to do so.

  • Open the app, select the ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ option, and enter the new remote’s information.
  • Select ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes’ from the drop-down menu, and then select the ‘Add New Remote’ option to continue.
  • It’s time to get ready for your next binge-watching session.

How To Pair Additional Fire Stick Remote

Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One

Pairing additional Firestick Remotes is a simple process that anyone can complete. You can use any of the remotes that have already been paired to navigate through the Settings menu and add additional remotes.

To connect to a single FireStick, you can pair up to seven remotes, and these remotes can be from any manufacturer.

How To Pair New Fire Stick Remote Using TV Remote

It is just as simple to use your TV remote to pair a new replacement remote as it is to use your Fire Stick remote to do so. Start the Fire Stick by pressing and holding the Home button for a few seconds while it begins to boot.

How To Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One

Remove the old remote by using your TV remote to navigate to ‘Settings, Bluetooth & Controllers, and then remove the old remote from the device list.’ Using the Fire Stick App, you can also unpair the remote.

How To Pair Xbox Controllers To Fire Stick

How To Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One

The Fire Stick is compatible with the vast majority of game controllers, including the Xbox Series X|S controller and, in fact, any controller that connects via Bluetooth.

Follow the below steps to pair the Xbox controllers to your Amazon Fire Stick.

  • To access the Settings menu on your Fire TV, go to Settings > Settings.
  • Choose controllers and Bluetooth devices from settings menu.
  • Choose game controllers from controllers and bluetooth settings.
  • Choose Add a new game controller to your collection.
  • Set your controller’s pairing mode to “off.”
  • When your Fire TV Stick locates your controller, it will display the name of the controller on the screen. Using your remote, confirm that the two devices are connected.

Wrap Up

If you don’t want to set up the Fire Stick App on your phone, you can use a third-party app called CetusPlay to control a Fire Stick.

Install the app from the Play Store or App Store and follow the prompts. With the app, you can skip all the pairing steps and control your TV directly.

It’s not a big deal if you lose your Fire Stick remote as I did. Wherever you look, you can find alternatives. Now that you know where to look, it’s up to you to choose.

If you are still facing any issues then you can post your question on Amazon Forum for answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you pair a Firestick remote to a different Firestick?

Yes, The remote can be paired to a different Firestick, but only one can be used at a time.

How do I reset my fire stick without the remote?

In order to reset the fire stick remote without using the remote, use the following procedure.

  • Plug in the Firestick to the television set.
  • While holding down the BACK and RIGHT buttons, wait for the reset screen to appear before releasing the buttons.
  • Choose RESET from the drop-down menu.

How To Reset My Fire Stick Manually?

Firesticks can be reset manually by accessing Settings > My TV > Reset Firestick.
That will bring up a “Reset to Factory Settings” option. If you choose this option, the Fire Stick will be reset.

What To Do If I lose My Fire Stick Remote?

You can purchase a replacement Firestick remote if you’ve misplaced your old one. Official and third-party models are available. If you don’t have a Firestick, you can add or remove the remote control via the Firestick app.

Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) with TV controls
  • Latest Alexa Remote comes with TV Controls as well.
  • This remote is not compatible with the previous version of Firestick.
  • For older Firestick buy the previous FireStick.
  • Supports Voice Assistant.
  • Power, volume, and mute buttons are provided for controlling your compatible TV, soundbar, and receiver.