What Channel Is NBA TV On DIRECTV? How To Search For It

NBA is a popular sport, and if you have DirecTV, you may be wondering what channel is NBA TV on DirecTV? This article will tell you which channel to watch NBA TV on and how to find it on your DirecTV.

While DIRECTV’s channel lineup is impressive, I ultimately decided to upgrade so that I can watch the NBA finals with my pals on a larger screen (the main reason I bought the whole setup). My question was quickly answered: yes, DIRECTV carries NBA games.

I doubted that NBA would be available on DIRECTV, so I spent a day researching the topic before signing up.

I compiled this guide for DIRECTV in an effort to aid any NBA fans considering making the switch.

Channel 216 on DIRECTV is dedicated to NBA TV. Live NBA games, replays, and shows like “Inside the NBA” and “Shaqtin’ a fool” are available to DIRECTV subscribers with any package besides the ENTERTAINMENT package.

If you’re looking for information about DIRECTV NBA packages and the channels you can watch online, you’ve come to the right place.


You can watch NBA TV on DIRECTV channel 216, but you can also add it to your list of favorites or create custom categories for it, such as sports. You can use the TV remote or the DIRECTV app on your mobile device to do this.

DIRECTV, a division of AT&T, is widely regarded as one of the best satellite TV providers due to its extensive streaming offerings, high level of reliability, and complete lack of dependence on traditional cable infrastructure.

What Channel Is NBA TV On DIRECTV

As a basketball fan, I make sure the NBA is included in the streaming service’s channel lineup before signing up for a subscription.

When the title screen for an NBA program comes up, you can choose to bookmark the entire season by clicking “bookmark series” after you’ve settled on your favorite program to watch.

As soon as you flip the channel, you’ll be able to watch live NBA games or read the latest basketball news.

You can also schedule recordings of upcoming events to watch at a more convenient time; however, a dedicated video recorder (DVR) is required to capture live sporting events, as the storage space available on a streaming device is extremely limited.

What Are The Popular Programs On NBA TV Channel

Fans have the opportunity to focus on a wide variety of shows provided by the NBA in addition to watching actual basketball games.

What Are The Popular Programs On NBA TV Channel

We all enjoyed immersing ourselves in the world of sports and becoming knowledgeable about the playing styles and strategies of our favorite sports teams and athletes.

The following is a list of some of the most watched programs on the NBA that can satisfy your hunger for basketball action.

NBA Weekly

Every Wednesday on NBA TV, you can catch this series that discusses the latest weekly news pertaining to the world of basketball, shares sports stories, and provides additional insight into the world of basketball champions.

Inside NBA

This show has been my favorite of all time, particularly the part where Shaquille O’Neal acts like a fool while he’s Shaqtin’ a fool. This show features excellent analysis from NBA champions, as well as highlights, interviews, and distinguished guest analysts. Try not to be hesitant and do it anyway.

Hardwood Classics

Experience the excitement of basketball games all over again while you watch classic games and listen to the commentary.

Which Plans on DirecTV that Include NBA TV

Except for the slightly more affordable entertainment package, all DIRECTV packages include NBA TV.

DirecTV Choice Plan

At a monthly cost of $79.99, this package includes NBA TV in addition to several other popular sports channels. Offers 185 channels.

DirecTV Entertainment Plan

Does not come with NBA TV, has a monthly cost of $64.99, and provides access to 160 different channels.

DirecTV Ultimate Plan

Provides a total of 250 channels for a monthly cost of $84.99. Includes access to NBA TV in addition to the following:

DirecTV Premier Plan

The NBA and 330 other channels can be accessed for a monthly fee of $134.99. You can probably imagine what an amazing experience it would be to find all of those channels.

If you want to watch every game this season, you can either buy one of three packages that include the NBA channel, or you can subscribe to the NBA League Pass.

How To Watch NBA TV on the go on your Smartphone

With DIRECTV, you can watch NBA TV anywhere thanks to their mobile app and the fact that you can use it on up to 20 screens on your home network and 3 screens away from home.

This is a fantastic feature, as I often use my commute time to catch up on the previous night’s game on my mobile device. Also, at times when the TV is being used elsewhere in the house.

You can watch NBA TV on your mobile device by installing the DIRECTV app, signing into your online DIRECTV account, and selecting NBA from the list of live channels or recently viewed content.

Streaming live TV uses a lot of mobile data, so keep that in mind if you’re watching on your phone without a Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile data usage shouldn’t be a concern when watching DIRECTV if you have unlimited data or a generous data plan with your service provider.

For optimal performance, DIRECTV requires an internet connection speed of at least 8 Mbps, even when using a Wi-Fi connection.

What Is NBA League Pass And Should You Get One?

It’s unfortunate for basketball fans who aren’t able to watch all of their team’s games or who don’t have cable because the NBA only broadcasts a select number of games from certain teams. The NBA season pass is perfect for this.

People are more likely to purchase an NBA Leagues Pass during the playoffs or gaming seasons when they are eager to watch the exciting games.

If you want to watch NBA games on your cable or satellite TV service, DIRECTV has you covered with their NBA League Pass. It also lets you watch games that aren’t being broadcast locally.

A league pass is a great way to watch your favorite games even if NBA TV isn’t available in your area. In addition, the league pass permits you to view up to 40 games that are not available in your area.

Other packages include a premium league pass that provides access to more games, commentary, and the ability to pick and choose which team’s matches you want to watch, as well as games without commercials.

Those who purchase the premium league pass can watch NBA games on two devices at once. NBA League Pass and NBA TV are also available.

The NBA League Pass is compatible with nearly every major streaming service and smart TV, with the exception of Hulu. If you have an NBA League Pass, you can skip paying for DIRECTV.

Can you Watch NBA TV for Free?

The number of places where you can get free access to NBA TV is limited. Yet one strategy is to use the time to its fullest potential during the trial period.

During DIRECTV’s 5-day free trial period, you can watch NBA TV at no risk. If you’re still looking for more, open up streameast.com in your web browser.

To watch an NBA game online, just go to NBA steams and pick a match. The abundance of pop-up ads is a major drawback to this website.

If the site is unavailable in your country, download a virtual private network (VPN) app, sign in using a different location, and try again.

How To Watch Old NBA Games?

As mentioned above, DIRECTV subscribers will be able to watch archived NBA games on NBA TV.

Additionally, NBA TV subscribers can watch Hardwood Classics, which features only archived games, anytime. Check it out and see if you can locate that classic basketball game from your past.

If you search YouTube, you might be able to find the old NBA game you’re looking for.

Alternatives To NBA TV

NBA TV can be accessed through a wide variety of cable and satellite television providers. The following is a list of television service providers that include NBA TV as part of their package:

  •  SpectrumTV
  • Amazon: Prime Video app
  • Verizon Fios TV: Extreme HD Package
  • Apple TV: NBA League Pass
  • YoutubeTV
  • FuboTV: Sports plus package
  • Sling: “Sports Extra” Package

How To Stream NBA Without Cable?

Streaming services provided by cable companies are excellent, but cable television isn’t required to watch NBA TV online.

DIRECTV doesn’t need a cable modem or box because it can be streamed on Roku or any smart TV.

If you want to watch NBA TV online but don’t have cable, you can sign up for one of the aforementioned cable-free streaming services. Streaming channels via cable is not available for any other service besides Spectrum TV and Xfinity.

Wrap Up For What Channel Is NBA TV On DIRECTV

If you’re a basketball fan, you need NBA TV. When deciding between different DIRECTV plans or those of other streaming services, it’s important to find out if your preferred channels are included. Contacting the service’s help desk will get you there.

You can now make an educated decision about which NBA-related plans to sign up for and which channels to favorite.

DIRECTV subscribers can also watch ESPN and other top-tier sports networks.

If you’re excited about sports but want more than just that, you can get three free months of HBO MAX when you subscribe to a package that also includes NBA TV. Have a great time watching television.

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