How To Use Google Nest WiFi With Xfinity

Have you bought the new Google Nest WiFi or thinking to buy the new Google Nest WiFi and want to know whether it will work with Xfinity?

This article will show you how to use the Google Nest WiFi With Xfinity Network. Comcast’s Xfinity is one of the most popular US ISPs. While Xfinity delivers super-fast gigabit internet, its xFi wireless gateway is less than stellar.

Even if you have a voice modem, this router/modem combination does not allow you to fully utilize the potential of a high-speed internet connection. For ISPs like Verizon, Spectrum, AT&T, and CenturyLink, a mesh router like Google Nest Wifi can offer improved speed and connectivity.

How To Use Google Nest WiFi With Xfinity
Google Nest WiFi

If you’re considering Google Nest, you’ll undoubtedly want to broaden your options for smart home devices. It’s a strong system that’s always evolving.

But you may also be considering your ISP. Will Google Nest Wifi work with Xfinity from Comcast? Is there anything you should know? Then how should you treat them? Will they bother you later? Yes, there are certain compatibility difficulties you should be aware of.

Google Nest WiFi Works really well with the Xfinity Comcast. And there should not be any problem in long term except some starting installation hiccups that you can get.

How To Setup Google Nest WiFi For Xfinity Comcast?

Using an ethernet cable, connect your Xfinity modem to your Google Nest Wifi and enable bridge mode on your xFi wireless gateway. Xfinity modem and Google Nest Wifi can now communicate.

To enable the bridge mode you need to login to your Nest WiFi IP address is and you need to use the username and password provided either in the manual or at the back of the box. Usually, the username will be admin and the password will be the password itself.

Then click Gateway on the left sidebar. To disable the private Wifi on the Xfinity Gateway Modem-Router, select the bridge mode option. After that, you’ll be using Google Nest Wifi, which has significant speed and performance advantages.

Also, keep in mind that when in bridge mode, you can only use one of the ports on the Xfinity xFi Modem-Router. You can, however, use the remaining ports on your network if necessary.

Then you must restart the entire system. This will reset both the Xfinity Gateway and the Google Nest Wifi. Allow a few minutes for the Internet connection to stabilize. To simplify let me list out the steps to set up the Google Nest WiFi For Xfinity Comcast.

  • Login to your Xfinity Comcast Modem router using the address in the chrome URL box.
  • Enter the username and password as described above (admin, password).
  • Select on Gateway At a Glance on the left sidebar.
  • Select Radio button to Enable the Bridge Mode.
  • Once Bridge Mode is Enabled then Private WiFi will be disabled.
  • Select the Confirm Button if prompted.
  • Now connect your Xfinity Modem-Router to your Google Nest WiFi via Ethernet Port.
  • Finally once everything is connect restart Modem-Router and Nest.
How To Use Google Nest WiFi With Xfinity

Pros of Using Nest Over ComCast Xfinity

The Google Nest Wifi is one of the most user-friendly routers available. Using your own router has various advantages over Xfinity’s xFi, including faster internet.

In terms of connectivity, Google Nest Wifi outperforms the Xfinity router. While the Google Nest Wifi is more than suitable for most homes, you may create a mesh network by connecting numerous wifi stations.

It is really easy to set up and use, which is a significant problem with standard routers. It can be adapted to your needs. This provides you with more control over your internet, which was previously up to Comcast’s whim.

So you can improve your internet for gaming. Google Nest Wifi is a very popular product created by Google which makes getting support for any concerns much easier. Your Comcast Xfinity router no longer requires a monthly rental fee.

Cons Of Using Google Nest WiFi Over Comcast Xfinity

To be fair, there are a few drawbacks to the usage of Google Nest WiFi Over Comcast Xfinity. And for issues related to Nest and Xfinity, Xfinity support may not be willing to address issues because you’re utilizing non-proprietary equipment that they can’t control.

Problems with Comcast blaming non-proprietary devices may also arise. This type of finger-pointing can be problematic for users with difficult-to-solve issues because it puts the problem back on the user.

You’ll also need additional space because you’ll have two devices. Both gadgets will require outlets, which may be an issue in an older home. Or if you lack or have less socket around your Xfinity Router to power up the devices.

Troubleshooting Google Nest

If you are facing any problem like slow internet speed or inconsistent connectivity then you can use this troubleshooting guide to fix your issues related to Google Nest.

Slow Internet Speed on Google Nest

After following these steps, you should have a solid connection, although some users have noticed performance or speed issues, so you may need to troubleshoot. Slow Google Nest WiFi is one of the most prevalent first issues.

This happens when one of your devices gets trapped in device priority mode, which means it uses up to 80% of your total Internet bandwidth for a while.

How To Use Google Nest WiFi With Xfinity

To fix these issues you need to navigate to Settings in the Google Nest Wifi app on your phone. Tap Network Settings, then Privacy. After that, switch off the Cloud Services for 10-15 seconds before turning them back on.

Return to Settings, then Priority Device, and select a new priority device from the list. This can be done at any time. While in the Priority Device tab, select End Priority and save the settings to avoid this issue.

This should fix the slower internet speed on your devices because of the Google Nest and you can now enjoy the high internet speed.

Fix Double Network Address Translation on Nest Wi-Fi

Another common issue reported by consumers is getting a double network address translation (NAT). When the Google Nest WiFi router and the Xfinity Gateway Modem-Router have different addresses, a firewall may prevent a solid connection from forming.

To fix the issue, go to the Xfinity Gateway screen and click on Gateway on the left side. Select Firewall from the menu, then Custom Security. Then select Disable Entire Firewall, which should fix the issue. To avoid a recurrence of the issue, you must save the settings.


Investing in Google Nest Wifi and using it with Xfinity is a smart move. The fact that both firms will continue to work on connectivity difficulties makes this a no-brainer investment.

I have discovered that replacing the Xfinity Gateway Modem-Router with a Google Nest Wifi improved speed and connectivity throughout the house, especially if you have many stories. Using your own equipment also gives you more control than the Xfinity Gateway Modem-Router.

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