How To Manually Override A Nest Thermostat

Do you want to manually override a nest thermostat settings for heating or cooling? In this article, you will learn how to do it manually on your Nest Thermostat.

Recently I installed the Google Nest Thermostat at my house and one day when I came back from the work I saw that my auto settings were setting temperature weirdly and something was not correct with the temperature of my house.

I mean it was switching temperature when I do not want it to switch automatically. This led to checking on the automatic schedule of my Nest Thermostat and I searched online that how to manually use these thermostats.

Since there can be some issues as I faced with the automatic schedule being on, you would also face the same, and to overcome that you will need to manually override A Nest thermostat.

How To Manually Override A Nest Thermostat

The heat Link and thermostat may have been disconnected if you are unable to regulate heating using your Google Nest thermostat or the app. The Heat Link’s button can be pressed to turn on and off the heating until the connection is re-established.

How To Manually Override A Nest Thermostat

To manually override any settings on your Nest Thermostat either too cold or hot you will require to follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Main Screen on your Thermostat
  • Select Settings on it.
  • Keep Scrolling to the Right Till you Find Nest Sense.
  • Tap or Click on Nest Sense and make sure Nest Sense settings are visible.
  • Select Auto-Schedule option and then select NO from the options menu.
How To Manually Override A Nest Thermostat
  • Now Scroll Down and Select Done Button.
  • Scroll to Left to go to the Echo Settings.
  • Select ECO and then Set Heat To and Cool To option as OFF.
How To Manually Override A Nest Thermostat
  • Select Done and Again scroll towards left and Select the Home Away Assist Option.
  • Tap on it and you will get option as Stop Using Select it.
  • Now Keep Scroll to Right from Settings Menu until you get the Reset Button.
  • Tap on Reset, then select the Schedule button and select Reset.

Now all your auto-schedule and date will be reset within a few seconds and your thermostat will restart and it can take about a few minutes to restart and once it is restarted your Thermostat will go into Manual Mode.

Nest Thermostat Manual Mode On

Using the above steps your Thermostat is Set to Manual Mode On. And all your automatic schedules for change in the temperature are reset and it is no longer in function.

If you want to set the automatic schedule on again then you will have to go to the settings and in the Nest Echo settings, you can set the auto-schedule temperature again.

You can visit the Google Nest Website to learn how to set the automatic schedule on Nest Thermostat. You can also connect with customer support[1] if you are facing any issues while re-scheduling the automatic settings.

Reasons to Change And Override Your Nest Thermostat To Manual Mode

Smart thermostats such as the Nest have made life, in general, a little bit easier. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to switch your Nest thermostat to manual mode to prevent damage to your home. Some of the most important situations that necessitate the use of manual mode are as follows.

  • As a result of your absence, you don’t want your house to maintain its normal temperature or Nest schedule.
  • You want to maintain a certain temperature of your Room irrespective of outside temperature.
  • Keeping your eco-sensing routine the same when you have guests is not a smart idea when you have guests.
  • When you leave the house on vacation, you don’t want the thermostat to re-program itself based on your vacation schedule.

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to override the manual settings on your Thermostat using the steps provided above. But if in case you are facing any issues then either contact Google Customer Support[2] or leave a comment below and I will be happy to resolve your problem.

This smart thermostat has a simple design that can assist you in automating your everyday routines. Nonetheless, this does not imply that your ability to direct the interior environment of your home has been restricted in any way. All you need to know is how to manually override a Nest thermostat, which is covered in this guide.

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