How Fast Is 400 Mbps? [In-Depth Game, Streaming, and Other Entertainment]

Although 400 Mbps isn’t the fastest connection out there, it’s plenty fast for online games, video and movie streaming, and working from home.

Is it, however, a good fit for your requirements? Can it support all of the electronic gadgets you have? Keep reading to learn more.

While 400 Mbps refers to a transfer rate of 400 million bits per second, the browser only displays download speeds in megabytes. Subscribing to a 400 Mbps plan will get you download speeds of 45-50 MB/s, while upload speeds will vary by provider.

A faster connection than the national average in the United States. In this light, 400 Mbps connectivity is ideal for online gaming, video streaming (e.g., YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Instagram), video conferencing (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams), and file downloading (e.g., large files).

Is 400 Mbps sufficient for all users, though? How much does it run? Which internet service providers do you recommend for this package?

How does it differ from similar packages? After experimenting with my Xfinity Broadband for a month, I was able to better answer these questions and present my findings here.

What can you do with 400 Mbps, and how fast is it?

A perfect internet user wouldn’t care if their connection only went up to 400 kbps. With this strategy, even downloading large files is quick and easy.

Take a look at the exercises below to learn more.

Online Activities Minimum Required Upload Rate Upload Rate Prerequisites Does it work with 400 Mbps?
Social Media (Facebook/Twitter
500 – 2000 Kbps 200 – 300 Kbps Yes
Messaging & Email 100 Kbps 12.5 Kbps Yes
Web Browsing 100 – 1000 Kbps 12.5 – 125 Kbps Yes
Google Meet
Voice Call
100 Kbps 12.5 Kbps Yes
Google Meet
Video Call
2-3 Mbps 250-300 Kbps Yes
Skype HD Call 1-3 Mbps 125 – 300 Kbps Yes
Skype Group HD Call 4-5 Mbps 500 – 600 Kbps Yes
Zoom HD Call 3.5-4 Mbps 400 – 500 Kbps Yes
Zoom Group HD Call 4-5 Mbps 500 – 600 Kbps Yes
Watching YouTube Videos [480p] 500 – 1000 Kbps 200 Kbps Yes
Watching YouTube Videos [1080p] 2-3 Mbps 250 – 300 Kbps Yes
Streaming Netflix [720p] 1.5-2 Mbps 250 Kbps Yes
Streaming Netflix [1080p] 5-7 Mbps 600-800 Kbps Yes
Online Gaming 3-4 Mbps 300 – 400 Kbps Yes
Streaming Audio Music 400 Kbps 50 Kbps Yes

How Long It Takes to Download Various Files at 400 Mbps

You can get through 17 separate game sessions or download 170 GB in an hour with a download speed of 400 Mbps. Also, with this plan, Spotify users can enjoy up to 666 simultaneous streams of their favorite music.

You, too, can participate in lag-free HD video calls using Zoom. Video streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers require speeds greater than 25 Mbps.

How Fast Is 400 Mbps

However, this is subject to variation based on the chosen plan. Almost any data-intensive activity is feasible at 400 Mbps.

Is a 400 Mbps Streaming Plan Possible?

Download speeds for Netflix HD videos are capped at 25 Mbps per stream. Is it sufficient for video streaming to use 400 Mbps? Netflix Ultra HD content can be streamed nearly 16 times faster.

You can watch up to 80 videos simultaneously using only 5 Mbps for YouTube videos. Spotify and Apple Music, among others, necessitate download speeds of up to 1 Mbps.

That’s why this Spotify plan allows for nearly 666 simultaneous streams. This is a huge number for the relevant speed strategy.

What is the gaming experience like at 400 Mbps?

Both upload and download speeds are important for online gaming to ensure a seamless and lag-free experience. It has been suggested that a speed of 3 Mbps is sufficient for gaming.

With 400 Mbps, you can run between 60 and 70 online games at once. In order to enjoy low ping while gaming, you’ll need a reliable gigabit cable modem and a strong dual-band or tri-band router.

Another thing is getting game downloads. In just 1 hour, a user with a 400 Mbps connection can download a 178 GB game like Quantum Break.

So, the short answer is yes, 400 Mbps is more than adequate for gaming. Low-resolution games like Minecraft and puzzle games can be downloaded in as little as four to five seconds.

Is 400 Mbps Adequate for Working at Home? How do you find using Teams or Zoom?

It’s extremely frustrating when video calls are plagued by buffering or other network issues, but with 400 Mbps, should you expect any of those problems? No way, no how!

Using video calling services like Zoom, WhatsApp, or Teams won’t be a problem with this data plan. The maximum bandwidth for a high-definition Zoom video call is 3.8 Mbps.

That means you can have up to ten people on HD Zoom calls at once when using 400 Mbps WiFi. A whole office can participate in a 720p HD call at the same time.

In terms of phone calls, WhatsApp allows for nearly 150 simultaneous connections. Similar to this plan, Teams calls can have up to 300 simultaneous connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 400 Mbps worth it?

A download speed of 400 Mbps is sufficient for medium-to-large households with multiple users. This plan is not limited to businesses that support multiple devices and deal with high volumes of web traffic.

How many devices can 400 Mbps support?

The exact number of devices that can be supported by an internet connection of 400 Mbps will vary depending on their individual needs. When using the internet for things like watching Netflix and playing PS4 games, which take up a lot of bandwidth, it can become a problem. This figure can rise to 800 if your job primarily entails using the internet for things like research and communication.

Is 400 Mbps good for working from home?

If you want to work from home, having access to 400 Mbps internet will make your life much easier. If you need a speed of at least 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up, this plan can provide it for you.

100 Mbps vs 400 Mbps: Which is better?

Think about how many people will be using the plan and how many devices they will each have before committing to a plan. If you primarily use your connection for online gaming and Netflix in HD on a regular basis, a connection speed of 400 kbps will suffice. While 100 Mbps is adequate for basic video streaming and working from home, anything above that is unnecessary.

200 Mbps vs 400 Mbps: Which one to get?

Determine your requirement first. 400 Mbps is preferable for users who do data-intensive work, such as content creators, YouTubers, gamers, and businesses. However, 200 Mbps is more than adequate for typical work-from-home and small-family needs.

400 Mbps vs Gigabit: What should I get?

The theoretical maximum achievable internet speed is 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps. In most cases, a more moderate internet connection will suffice. Gigabit mesh systems are ideal for public areas where many people need to connect their devices at once, such as campuses, airports, and coffee shops. Families and businesses that rely heavily on the internet would benefit from speeds of 400 Mbps.

Wrap Up

If everyone in your household relies heavily on the internet, you won’t have any trouble getting things done if your internet connection is 400 Mbps, which is significantly faster than the average speed.

About 350-400 Mbps of download speed are available with this plan. You’ll have no trouble downloading large games like Fortnite, talking on business calls, or watching Netflix.

The number of people and devices that will be using the internet should be determined before committing to a plan.

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