Does Google Nest WiFi Work With Verizon FIOS

As the Google Nest WiFi Mesh’s popularity has grown over the years, more people want to start using the Google Nest WiFi. Before starting, the first question that arises is whether Google Nest WiFi works with Verizon FIOS if you are a Verizon customer.

It is undeniable that not every router available is up to par. You don’t want to lose out on a great deal of money if you locate one that integrates easily with your home, becomes your network’s saving grace, and provides gigabit internet speed.

We already know that the Google Nest Wifi is compatible with Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and Century Link. But is it compatible with Verizon Fios as well?

Does Google Nest WiFi Work With Verizon FIOS?

It is possible to use the Google Nest Wifi router with Verizon Fios internet and television service. It is necessary to replace the existing router with a Google Nest Wifi device in order to configure it to work with the Verizon Fios connection if the modem and router provided by Verizon are distinct devices.

When using a Verizon modem-router combination, however, you must log into Quantum Gateway and enable the bridge mode feature to make it work. Install an ethernet cable between the Quantum Gateway and Google Nest Wifi to allow it to communicate with the Verizon Fios network.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Verizon FIOS With Google Nest WiFi?

Let us discuss what are the potential advantages and disadvantages you will get by using the Nest WiFi with your Verizon FIOS connection.

Does Google Nest WiFi Work With Verizon FIOS


There are various advantages of using the Nest Wi-Fi with FIOS that are listed below.

  • Greater Performance, Speed, and Range around the house.
  • Owning Router provides more controls and customization to apply to your network in your house.
  • No Longer You will require to Pay the Extra Router rent to your Internet service provider in this case it is Verizon FIOS.


Disadvantages are very less when compared to the advantages of using the Google Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS that are listed below.

  • This is add extra cost on you initially.
  • Customer Service can be tricky as they can blame the Google Nest WiFi for any problem you are facing because of your ISP.

Replacing a FIOS Router With a Google Nest WiFi Mesh

The Google Nest WiFi is an excellent option if you are considering replacing your FIOS router because you are tired of paying rent for the router that you already own from Verizon and also because you are not getting good value from your current Verizon router.

Replacing FIOS Router With Google Nest WiFi Mesh

Below are the things to keep in mind while you are setting up the Google Nest WiFi Setup at home with FIOS.

  • Fios router should remain the primary gateway to the Verizon ONT.
  • In order to get the Nest Router up and running, connect its WAN port to a LAN port on the Fios Router. The Fios router’s WiFi networks are not affected by the Nest router’s creation of its own WiFi network.
  • Connect to the WiFi network supported by the nest router by setting up additional nest WiFi points.

After that, you won’t have to worry about the WiFi networks your Fios router sets up and can just stick with the one you set up with the Nest.

That way, if you need Verizon to troubleshoot your network, they can easily control your system remotely, since nothing has changed from their perspective, and you are still using their provided equipment.

Your Nest WiFi mesh is just another device on the Fios network. Due to the limited LAN ports on the Nest router, you may still need to use the redundant WiFi network from the Fios router. That solved the second issue.

Google Nest Wifi - Mesh Home Wi-Fi System
  • Comes with 2 Routers.
  • It is Scalable and Flexible, the max range supported is 4400 sq. Ft.
  • Support Connection of 200 devices at once.
  • Intelligent Switching to keep maximum connectivity.
  • Easy to set up App and Control.

Wrap Up

I hope you understood that you can always use the Google Nest WiFi with the Verizon FIOS network. I have listed down what are the advantages and disadvantages, and what setup you should follow to get the best out of your router setup when replacing it with Google Nest WiFi.

Let me know in the comment section if you are still facing any issues related to replacing Google Nest WiFi with FIOS. I will be happy to help you as soon as possible, or you can connect with the customer service [1].

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