How Much Does Google Home Cost [Is There Monthly Fee]

In terms of smart home design, Google Home is an excellent platform. However, all of those features should normally be paid for in some way, whether it be a monthly subscription fee or an upfront payment.

Today, I’ll look into which Google Home features are free and which require a subscription. The method by which you’ll be paying for these services and how much does Google Home cost to a user.

I’ll also go over the monthly fee for any subscriptions you might need to get better service or features from your Google Home Device. Using Google’s own documentation and technical articles, along with the experiences of real people who frequented Google Home’s user forums, I was able to thoroughly research this topic.

Using Google Home does not require a monthly subscription fee. Both the speaker and the app on smartphones are included in the scope of this rule. The speaker must be paid upfront, but the app can be downloaded and used for free.

Do You Need To Pay To Use Google Home?

All you need to use Google Home is a free Google account, which anyone can create and use. You’re already halfway there if you have a Gmail account and want to use Google Home’s features.

Another tech like smartphones and computers require upfront payment for the speakers on Google Home devices, like any other piece of technology. From the Google Home Mini to the Nest Mini to the Home Max, there are many options available.

Do You Need To Pay To Use Google Home

As a hub for your Google Home system, all of these can be used to control your home’s various devices. Google Home can be used without a speaker if that’s what you prefer. Just decide what you want out of Google Home and go with it.

How Much Does Google Home Cost?

Through the Google Store, you are able to purchase the Nest Mini for $50, the original Google Home for $100, and the Google Home Max for $300.

How Much Does Google Home Cost

You can also purchase Google’s speakers at a variety of retailers that sell electronics, such as Best Buy and even home improvement retailers like Lowe’s.

After paying this one-time fee to purchase one of Google Home’s speakers, you will no longer be required to pay for any other services provided by Google.

All Google services are free for Google Home devices, and there is no additional subscription or monthly fee on those devices.

Product Price Release Date Compared to Amazon
Google Home Mini $39 19th October 2017 Amazon Echo Dot.
Google Home Smart Speaker No longer for sale (originally sold for $129). 4th November 2016 Similar to the Amazon Echo (full size).
Google Home Max $299 11th December 2017 Amazon Echo or Echo Studio.
Google Home Hub No longer for sale (originally sold for $149). 9th October 2018 Amazon Echo.
Nest Mini (2nd Gen) $49 22nd October 2019 Amazon Echo Dot.
Nest Hub Max $229 September 2019 Amazon Echo Show.
Nest Hub $89.99 7th May 2019 Amazon Echo.

Does The Google Home App Cost Money?

After installing the app and signing in with your Google account, you won’t be required to make any additional payments for using Google Home. The app is available for free download in all app stores where it is currently available.

The app will search your Wi-Fi network for any and all devices that are compatible with Google Home, and it will then automatically configure those devices for you within the app.

Once all of the devices have been configured, you will have the ability to control them either by using the controls on the app itself or by asking Google Assistant to perform the action on your behalf.

Does The Google Home App Cost Money

For instance, if you have a smart TV connected in your living room, you have the option of either using the power on the toggle for the TV within the app or saying, “Hey Google, turn on the TV in the bedroom.”

The use of these features does not cost anything at all. The only requirements are that you have compatible devices and that you connect those devices to the app when setting them up.

Is There A Monthly Fee or Subscription For Google Home?

However, despite the fact that Google Home devices must be purchased, they do not require a monthly subscription fee. This also applies to the Google Home app, which you can use for free indefinitely without having to pay a monthly fee for access to additional features.

Is There A Monthly Fee or Subscription For Google Home

In the Google Home app, no basic features are hidden behind a paywall, and if they are, it’s only because the device’s manufacturer decided to do so.

No monthly fees or fees at all are required to use the Google Home app or Google Home devices. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being truthful about the device’s activation costs.

Can You Listen To Music For Free On Google Home?

Most people have this doubt about whether listening to music on Google Home is free or not. There is absolutely no charge for anything associated with listening to music.

Simply put, you won’t have to pay anything to listen to music when you use Google Home because the device comes with free access to YouTube Music.

You do, however, have the option to subscribe to a more premium service if you do not wish to listen to the advertisements that may come after each song.

On the other hand, you could also use the Google Play Music app, which does not require a subscription and is available for free download from the Google Play store. This app is not only simple to use, but it also allows you to easily manage the audio on your smartphone.

Wrap Up

In addition to the speaker, you won’t have to pay for Google Home or any of its services unless you want to use it. You will not be charged for Google Home activation or if someone is calling you and asking you to subscribe to a monthly fee it is most probably a scam call.

Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network if your Google Home is having trouble getting connected to your network. This can be accomplished by disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network and then reconnecting.

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