How To Find Roku Pin and Perform Reset or Remove

Are you using a Roku TV or Roku set-top box? And you forgot the Roku Pin? In this article, you learn how to Find Roku Pin and How you can Perform Reset for the Roku Pin as well.

Roku TV is very similar to Fire TV. It is the second top-selling set-top box or smart TV in the United States after Fire TV. Roku TV gives you an android operating system interface and allows you to download the application and enjoy that application on the TV.

I recently bought a TCL TV that has a Roku built-in and I suddenly saw one day that my remote wasn’t working and the Roku Screen was asking me to enter the PIN. I didn’t remember when I entered the PIN and really was looking to reset the PIN and get my TV unlocked.

How To Find Roku Pin and Perform Reset or Remove

I searched the internet and found a lot of tutorials but most of them were really technical and hence I thought that I will bring a tutorial that can be done by anyone who has or does not have much technical knowledge.

How To Find Roku Pin and Change Roku Pin?

The First and foremost thing to find Roku Pin is that you need to make sure that the email address linked to your Roku account is active and you are still using it.

To check which email address you used while linking it to Roku you can go to the Settings Page on your Roku TV, then Select System and there you can see the email address that you used to sign up.

Now since you have the email address you need to follow the below steps to update the Roku Pin on the Roku website.

  • Make sure you’re on from your computer or phone in Chrome Browser.
  • Sign into you Roku Account.
  • If you Forgot your Password then select Forgot Password and Follow the screen suggestions to get password updated and make sure you are logged in.
  • You will Find th Update Button on PIN Peference Page.
  • From three options, choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Always ask for a PIN when you buy things and add things from the Channel Store.
  • Always ask for a PIN when you buy something.
How To Find Roku Pin and Perform Reset or Remove
  • It is not necessary to enter a PIN in order to make a purchase or to add an item from the Channel Store.
  • You will be required to enter a four-digit number in the PIN box and then pick the Verify PIN field to confirm your selection if you choose either of the first two options and have not previously set a PIN for your account.
  • If you already have a PIN, enter your PIN in the field that says “Verify PIN” and click “Save.”
  • Select Save Changes and agree to the service terms.

Having a PIN on Roku TV is really important if you want that any purchases made on the Roku store are limited to the people who know the PIN. Roku does not offer any kind of reimbursement if someone else buys anything by mistake.

And the Roku PIN doesn’t play any role in blocking any channel or filtering any content shown on the Roku TV. I was able to update the PIN using the above steps and I hope you were also able to change the Roku PIN using the above steps.

How To Remove The PIN For Roku Account?

Now if you are completely sure that no one is going to use the Roku store apart from you in your Home then you can go ahead and remove the PIN from your Roku account.

Or for any other reason you want to remove the PIN for your Roku account then you can follow the below steps to remove the PIN.

  • Go to from any browser on desktop or phone.
  • If asked, enter your login information and Sing-in.
  • Go to PIN preference Page and then Select Update Button.
  • Locate Making purchases and adding content on the left-hand side of the screen. Select It is not necessary to use a pin to make any purchases or to add any products to your cart from the Channel Store.
  • Select Off in the Parental Controls for The Roku Channel section – A PIN is not required to view or listen to material on the Roku Channel. The section titled Change current PIN will be removed from the preferences page after this.
  • Select the Save Changes option.
How To Find Roku Pin and Perform Reset or Remove

Using the above steps you will be able to Remove the PIN from your Roku Account. And you will be no longer prompted for PIN on your TV.

How To Use Roku PIN for Parental Controls?

In order to use the Parental Controls function on The Roku Channel, you must use your Roku PIN when creating, updating, or resetting your Roku PIN. Controls can be established using the PIN for any of the below four options.

  1. Little Kids: If You have Small children then G, TV-Y or TV-G content on The Roku Channel is accessible without a PIN But when you Select Contents Rates as R, NC-17, PG-13, TV-14, PG-rated content (TV-PG), TV-Y7, Unrated, and Not Rated content all require a PIN.
  2. Young Kids: If You Have Young children then Channel’s Rated as G, PG, TV-Y, TV-G, and TV-Y7/TV-PG material can all be seen without a PIN when this option is enabled. PINs are required for everything else.
  3. Teens: If you have Teens at your House. Teens can access PG-13, PG, TV-Y, TV-Y7 and G content on The Roku Channel without a PIN if they select the Teens option. To access further content, a PIN is required.
  4. Off: This disables parental controls, allowing anyone with access to the remote control to choose whatever content they want to see.
How To Find Roku Pin and Perform Reset or Remove

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to find Roku PIN and you were able to change Roku PIN or remove it completely using the above-mentioned steps. It is a fairly easy step that you can follow.

If you never created a PIN then surely you will never find one. You need to update or create a new PIN in that case. And you will get the new PIN following the above steps.

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