Cancel Cox Services – Complete Guide

I’ve been a Cox customer for a few years and enjoy their internet service, but in recent months, they’ve raised their broadband rates, prompting me to consider other, less expensive options.

So I considered canceling my Cox services, and if you’d like to do the same, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for you below.

Nonetheless, you might want to think about the following before canceling your Cox service:

  • Making a new owner responsible for the lease
  • Stop the service for a little while
  • Cancel Cable TV, but keep your internet service
  • Change your current package either up or down.
  • Retain service at your new location.

If, after considering these other options, you are still set on ending your service, read on. In this article, I’ll explain how to cancel your Cox service, how much the Early Termination Fee (ETF) will be, and other helpful information.

How To Cancel Cox Internet?

The slow speeds, erratic WiFi coverage, and security issues can all be traced back to the rented equipment. In place of the Cox Panoramic gateway, you can use any modem or modem/router combination that is compatible with Cox Internet.

How To Cancel Cox Internet?

1. Call The Customer Support

If you no longer wish to use Cox Internet, simply call their customer service line at 800-234-3993 and speak with an agent about canceling your service. Call and double-check your account information, then wait for the confirmation email.

2. Online Help Desk

Cox subscriptions can be canceled online as well. Canceling your internet service can be done by contacting Live Chat Support. Provide your name, address, phone number, and PIN to verify your account ownership.

They’ll make an effort to keep you, but ultimately they’ll have to cancel. Obtain the reference number from the agent as required.

3. Go to the Cox Store.

To cancel your Cox Internet service, you can also call or visit any local Cox store and speak with a representative in person. After the confirmation, you can return your Cox equipment without ever leaving the store.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Cox Internet Service?

At any time you have the option to terminate your Cox Internet service. However, an early termination fee will apply if you have a 12- or 24-month contract and cancel service before the end of the term.

For every month of the contract that hasn’t yet expired, there will be a $10 fee. To get out of your contract early with less than a year remaining, you’ll have to fork over $60. The maximum cost for a two-year agreement is $240.

Have a different Internet package in mind?

Similar to other service providers, Cox allows customers to change the level of service they receive at any time.

The early termination fee (ETF) should be greater than the sum of the monthly basic internet plan costs (for the remainder of the contract period).

Steps to Lower Your Internet Package:

  • The online portal does not allow for plan downgrades.
  • To downgrade your plan, you must contact them directly.
  • You can place an order over the phone, or you can stop by the shop.

Steps To Cancel Cox Cable

1. Call Customer Service

To terminate your Cox TV service, simply call 800-234-3993. You should not give in to their attempts to keep you on the payroll. All they need is your account number to get started on your request.

2. Live Chat Support

Your cable subscription can be terminated online as well. Get in touch with a real person immediately by visiting the Live Chat support. We will get right on handling your inquiry.

3. Go To The Cox Store

To terminate your Cox services in person, simply visit a local Cox retail location. To visit a Cox store near you, simply look for the company online and then drop by any time the doors are open.

In this way, you can return the cable equipment to the store where you originally purchased it and directly raise the request.

What Is Cox Cable Cancellation Fee?

Cox’s early cancellation fee is $120 for a 12-month agreement and $240 for a 24-month agreement. Every month that you keep the service, this sum decreases by $10.

If you signed up for a year of TV service and decided to cancel after the first eight months, you would be charged $40 for breaking your contract early.

Your final Cox bill will be calculated using a prorated method if you cancel service before the due date.

Do You Prefer a Greater or Decreased Number of Channels?

The number of available cable channels is flexible and can be increased or decreased at a later date.

The modifications will go into effect immediately, and the new strategy will function with the existing hardware. Cox doesn’t charge you anything extra to switch plans, but the cost of the new one is on you.

Actions Required to Alter Your Cable TV Channel:

  • If you need assistance, contact Cox at 800-234-3993.
  • A Cox retail outlet may also be easily reached.
  • You can change your cable package by calling and asking for it.
  • Please double-check your account info.
  • Find the right package for you.
  • Find out if it’s true from that person.

How to Stop Cox TV Service Without Losing Internet Access?

The good news is that, unlike many other service providers, Cox lets its customers cancel cable but keep internet service.

You can either give them a call or use the website’s live chat feature to get this question answered.

Your confirmation will be sent after Cox receives your cable box. Cox will assess a $10 per month early termination fee for any customer who cancels their service before the end of their contract.

How to Stop Cox Cable and Keep Your Internet Service

  • To contact Cox, dial 800-234-3993.
  • Alternatively, you can initiate a live chat with a representative.
  • Explain that you want to stop receiving Cox programming but will still need internet service.
  • Please double-check your account info.
  • We are terminating your cable TV service immediately.

What Should We Expect Next?

1. Returning The Device

Following the termination of your Cox service, you will be responsible for returning any leased equipment. To accomplish this, gather all of the devices, and then head to the Cox or UPS store that is closest to you.

Take note that you are required to return all of the equipment within ten days of your Cox service being disconnected; if you fail to do so, you will be subject to a hefty fee of up to $300.

2. What Will Happen With the Phone?

You are not required to hand over your old phone to Cox if you purchased a phone from them along with their phone service and paid the full purchase price. You have the option of adding a different service to the phone.

In contrast, if you had leased it, you would be required to hand it back within ten days of canceling the lease.

If you cancel your service more than 30 days after it has been activated, you will no longer have access to the phone number and it will be given to someone else.

3. What Will Happen to My Cox Email Account?

Before you can cancel your service with Cox, you will need to make sure that your @cox email address has been transferred.

If you do not change your password within the next 24 hours, you will no longer have access to this email address.

You will, however, be unable to access your Cox email account after the grace period of ninety days has passed.

4. Taking Care of the Final Bills

Canceling your Cox service would result in a final bill for the remainder of the current billing cycle plus any early termination fees imposed by the company (if canceled before the end of the contract). Also, the gear needs to be returned within 10 days or you’ll be charged a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel Cox online?

The Cox services can be canceled online via the company’s live chat feature. The only online option available to customers is live chat, as Cox does not have an email support team.

Is there any cancellation fee for Cox?

Unless you contract with Cox, you won’t be charged any cancellation fee. Cox charges $10 for each month that’s left in your service contract. This means you can be set up to $120 or $240 if you are in a 1-year or 2-year contract.

Do you need to return Cox equipment?

When you cancel your Cox service, you’ll need to return all of the equipment. If you fail to return the tools within 10 days of receiving them, you may be charged up to $300. The equipment can be manufactured at any local Cox or UPS store.

Can you cancel the Cox services at any time?

You’re free to cancel the subscription at any time. If you are bound by a contract, however, breaking it before its term is up will result in monetary penalties.

Can you close the Cox account online?

With the assistance of Cox’s online chat support, you can, in fact, cancel your service. To cancel your account, simply click here to speak to a representative online. It’s important to confirm your account information with the agent.

How long does it take to cancel Cox services?

Your request to terminate will take immediate effect. Alternatively, you can set it to expire 30 days after your request to cancel.

Wrap Up

I’m glad to have been of assistance in learning how to terminate your Cox subscription. If you want to avoid any unexpected fees, be sure to return the leased equipment on time. Leave a comment below if I can be of assistance, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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