Can You Have Alexa In 2 Different Houses? How To Use It

You purchased two Amazon Echo devices and want to know if you can have Alexa in 2 different houses. Because I had a similar problem, In this article, I will explain how to set up Amazon Echo in two different houses.

Over time, I have upgraded my home with numerous state-of-the-art “smart home” gadgets.

It was pretty obvious that when I bought my new apartment I would want to create a smart home ecosystem like the one I already had at my previous residence.

However, I didn’t want to get a separate Amazon account and pay twice for Amazon Prime and Music. 

It was important to me to find a way to monitor and manage both properties from a single interface.

I discovered that I could link all of the smart devices in both residences to my single Amazon account and control them with my Amazon Echo devices.

Adding both houses to the same account was surprisingly simple and did not require any advanced technical skills on my part.

In that case, how do you set up your Amazon Echo so that it can be used in both of your homes?

In order to use Amazon Echo in two different homes, you need only link your smart home devices to the Amazon app. If you want to use one Echo device in two different homes, you’ll need to give each device a different name.

Two Houses, One Amazon Echo.

There are a lot of fun things you can do with your Amazon Echo. Here’s what you need to know to set up your Amazon Alexa in two different homes so that you can use the same account to command both sets of devices.

Ensure Connectivity

Ensure Connectivity To Connect Two Alexa

You can always count on the reliability of an Amazon Echo device. You won’t have to worry about connectivity issues or slow response times very often.

As a result, Echo gadgets rarely experience issues with their internet connections.

Even though they feature both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, for smart devices, you should focus on using the former.

Alexa is now compatible with the vast majority of consumer electronics and home automation products.

Because of this, you can use it with confidence to manage not one, but two homes at once, despite the limited connectivity options that come with it.

Proper Installation

Can You Have Alexa In 2 Different Houses? How To Use It

The setup procedure for any Amazon Echo (Alexa) product is simple. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and set it up on your Wi-Fi network to begin using it.

This enables you to use the speaker as a media player, alarm clock, and internet browser.

If you have an Echo device and want to use it to control other smart devices, you can do so by linking it to the Alexa App.

All of your Zigbee-enabled home appliances will be under your command once you pair your Echo device with a smart home hub.

The following is an in-depth tutorial that will walk you through the process of connecting an Amazon Echo device to the wireless network in your house.

  • Connect the Echo device you own to a viable power supply.
  • Launch the Alexa application on your mobile device.
  • Just go to the ‘More’ option in the menu.
  • Then select “Add a Device” from the menu.
  • Pick out an Echo device to use.
  • To link the speaker to your Wi-Fi network, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Follow these steps to connect the device to other intelligent home products you already have in your home.

  • Check that your smart device is both powered on and plugged in.
  • Select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the Alexa app.
  • To add a new device, click the “Add Device” option.
  • A number of choices will appear. Choose the gadget you intend to configure. Do what needs to be done next by clicking next.

Where you go from here is determined by the type of product you’re configuring. Scan the barcode on the product’s packaging or go to the app’s website to download and install the necessary software to get started with the device.

The app’s setup instructions should be followed regardless of the method used to access the device. Last but not least, you’ll be asked if you’d like to add the device to a certain category.

Since you’ll be using the app for two different residences, it’s best to set up two different groups, one for each house.

How to use it In Two Different Houses?

How to use it In Two Different Houses?

The Alexa app from Amazon can pair with multiple Echo devices simultaneously. These speakers allow you to command any and all smart devices connected to the app with just your voice.

Your Echo devices can manage smart home equipment in two separate dwellings in the same way they manage equipment in a single dwelling.

When all devices have their own distinct names within the system, the app doesn’t get them mixed up, and you have full command over everything.

I use the prefixes “home” and “apartment” to denote where an item is located, such as when referring to electronics in my house and other apartments.

I just have to tell Alexa, “Alexa, play on the feed from the apartment doorbell camera on the home lounge TV,” and I’ll be able to watch the live feed on my TV at home.

What can you do With Two Echo?

Expanding Alexa’s reach into more than one home enables exciting new use cases. One of the most intriguing capabilities is the ability to use voice commands in one home to operate smart appliances in another.

Asking Alexa from afar lets you do things like shut smart curtains, switch on and off, and share the security feed.

Seeing as how this makes it look like somebody is home at all times, it also serves as a great burglar alarm.


Many people use the Amazon Echo as their primary means of managing their smart home. It surprised me that linking multiple Alexa devices to a single account and controlling them all from different locations required almost no technical effort.

There haven’t been many hiccups for me, either.

Even when I’m not home, both of my houses will follow their preprogrammed morning and evening routines.

In addition, I can ask Alexa to do things like turn on the fan in my bedroom or set Roomba to clean while I’m getting ready to leave for my apartment.

Everything fits together perfectly.

Even though I had to get used to using the words “home” and “apartment” when speaking to smart devices, this was no longer a problem after some repetition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an Echo Dot in another house?

There is no restriction on where you place an Echo Dot as long as it is connected to the same Amazon account.

Can you drop in on Alexa in another house?

You are able to interact with Alexa in a different home as long as the speaker there is linked to the same Amazon account.

Can two Amazon accounts share an Echo?

By creating an Amazon household, two separate accounts are able to share the use of a single Echo device.

Can you play music on two Echos at the same time?

You can have Alexa play the same song on both devices simultaneously.

How do I listen to different songs on multiple Alexa devices?

The Alexa app allows you to set up multi-room music so that you can listen to music in different rooms using different Alexa devices.