to Log In To Comcast Business Router Complete Guide

Is your Router belongs to Comcast and you are facing a problem with connectivity? You don’t know what is the IP address which you can use to log into the router and do the troubleshooting? You can use to log into the router.

Today, we will be discussing how you can log into the Comcast business routers and reach the router dashboard.

Since the router dashboard provides a lot of access and control over your router through which you can secure your network and protect any devices you are going to connect with this router.

Note that you can use the same method to access Cisco, SMC, and Netgear Routers as well. We will be discussing the tweaks which you can make to improve your connectivity in all these routers.

What is and What else is required?

If you are buying the router from companies such as Comcast Business Router, Netgear, SMC or Cisco then once connected and powered on these companies provide a default address to access the dashboard of the router.

For example, if you want to access Google you have to reach the browser and type “google.com”, hence that is the address for accessing the Google website. Similarly, if you want to access your router dashboard then you need to head to the browser and type “” to access the router dashboard.

Hence to access the dashboard area you need Comcast Business Router, Computer or tablet, or mobile device with browser support.

How to Connect to and Use it as Default Gateway?

Let me guide you through the step-by-step guide you can use to access the dashboard. As once you have bought the router first thing you need to do is to secure your WIFI network. For which you may need to set up a Wifi Password so that only limited devices can connect.

  1. Make Sure that you are connected to the same WiFi network on your computer, tablet, or mobile device which is provided by your new Router.
  2. Open the browser in your device which is connected to the Comcast business router and then type in your browser and press enter.
  3. Now you will be displayed a login screen in your browser. The login details can be found on your Router box as well or the guide handbook that came with the router.
  4. Enter the username as cusadmin and password as highspeed if this password does not work then try cantTouchThis.
  5. Once you are logged in, you will be provided with the screen to change the password first. So, enter the above password which worked for you and then enter the new password which you want to keep.
  6. Once you have successfully changed the password, you will be guided to the dashboard of the router.
Use to Login In Comcast Business Router

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Note that you can use the above step to log into the router dashboard for Cisco, SMC, and Netgear. All you need to do is use the below-mentioned username and password on the login page of the Router displayed after the first step.

Router Username Password
Cisco cusadmin highspeed
SMC (none) smcadmin
SMC admin (none)
SMC admin admin
SMC admin barricade
Comcast/ Xfinity cusadmin cantTouchThis
NetGear admin password

Below is the Example for Password.

Username: cusadmin
Password: highspeed
Alternate password: CantTouchThis

Reset the Password

If you forgot the password you set for your Router and you are unable to login into the router using the username password you have then you may need to reset your router to factory default.

Note that doing a factory reset can completely set the router to default setup which means, all the changes you made earlier will be reset to default.

How To Factory Reset a Comcast Xfinity Router or Modem

If you went into any problem such as forgot your username and password, or your internet is running slow or you are facing connectivity issues, or you found that your network router has any malware on this then you can do the factory reset to resolve all these problems.

  1. Locate the Reset Button on the Router: Every Router comes which the reset button on it. The reset button is small and recessed and is normally a different color than the rest of the color present on the router.
  2. Press and hold the reset button: On all the router which host reset button, all you need to do is to press and hold the reset button until all the front light on the modem are turned off and restarts again.
  3. Wait for Router to Come up Completely: The router may take few minutes to reinitialize itself to default values before you can start using it again. And again you need to do the first step is to log in to the router and change the password.

But most of the time if you are not facing any major issue with your router instead of resetting the router to factory reset, you can just restart your router and most of the problem might get resolved.

How To Factory Reset a Comcast Xfinity Router or Modem

Note that to restart simply switch off the router and wait for more than 30 seconds and then switch it on again to get the complete restart feeling of the routers.


It is always important to reset the default login credentials immediately after you bought the new wireless routers. Since security is very much important keeping it secure is the first process you have to follow.

Not changing or resetting the password can lead to the hacking of your Wi-Fi network and that can be really very dangerous and damaging for you. You should also change the Wi-Fi password to some secure password.

So, no one can connect to the Wi-Fi networks since initially if you do not set up a Wi-Fi password then your network will be displayed as an unsecured network and anyone can connect to your network and start using the internet.

If you are still facing issues related to your router then you should connect with the official Comcast website for support.

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